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Recruitment Information

Recruitment Information

Recruitment at The University of Illinois is a thrilling time for all involved, but if you don’t know what to expect it can be a bit intimidating! Below is a run-down of every day during recruitment and what you can expect this fall.

Open House Round

When: Thursday and Friday, September 7th-8th

Time: 6:10pm -11:35pm (Thursday) and 5pm -11pm (Friday)

Open House is very exciting because it is the first round of Recruitment and you get to visit all 19 sororities. Open House takes place over a two-day period and the recruitment parties are very fast paced.  After everyone is lined up, the sorority’s chapter room doors will open, and erupt into cheer and song. Don’t be overwhelmed, all of this excitement is especially for you!

Sisterhood Round - First Invitational 

When: Saturday and Sunday, September 9th-10th

Time: 12pm - 4:40pm (Saturday) and 10am - 3:20pm (Sunday)

Sisterhood Round is the second round of recruitment. You will return to a maximum of 13 chapter houses. You will see a short video and learn more about the sisterhood Alpha Xi Delta and other greek chapters have to offer! 

Philanthropy Round - Second Invitational 

When: Saturday, September 16th

Time: 9am - 6pm

Each chapter will explain their philanthropy and tell you how they get involved throughout the year. This round is longer than previous rounds so you will get to know each house a little better. What better way to learn more about your potential sisters?

Preference Day - Third Invitational

When: Sunday, September 17th

Time: 1pm - 6pm

Preference round is the last round before bid day and are more serious than the other rounds throughout the week. Each chapter will express how their sisterhood has changed their lives and what it means to belong to their sisterhood, so don’t be surprised if you see tears! Although emotions may be running high, everyone will be waiting with smiling faces and open arms to greet you on Bid Day!

Recruitment Tips:

Stash a pair of flip-flops in your bag for between rounds on days you dared to wear heels. Ouch! 

The Champaign heat and humidity can be intense, so be sure to stay hydrated!

Take notes! Going from sorority to sorority can be tricky when they all start to blend together. Notes can help you remember what you liked best about each chapter you visit. 


Make sure to be yourself! We want to know who you really are and help you find a home that is best for you!!


Enjoy recruitment, because although it’s a two-weekend process, it’s very exciting and the friendships and memories that you make will last a lifetime!



The Sisters of Alpha Xi Delta